"...Once you taste it, it feels like home... like family!" 
"Chilau Sauce"
The Seafood Lovers Secret Recipe! Now you can easily prepare delicious soups and stews in 20 minutes or less with a concentrated flavor base that saves time and money! 
 Cook a seafood feast in no time
 Easy to follow recipes with 2:1 ratio
 Restaurant Quality at home
"...Once you taste it, it feels like home... like family!" 
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Michael Anderson, Chilau Sauce Creator, Founder Spice Crafters LLC
Michael Anderson
Chilau Sauce Creator
Founder | Spice Crafters LLC
Let me tell you a quick story about when I was craving my grandmothers Crab Chilau (pronounced "shalla" or "Shilah", is spicy crab stew legendary in Tampa and the Florida Coast)

At the time I was trying to make Crab Chilau for a Super Bowl party with my college roommates. My hometown team the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's was making their first ever appearance in the Super Bowl. If you know anything about the Bucs you understand this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate!

I was struggling with finding the correct seasonings and making sure I didn't add too much or too little. I called my granny for tips, however, she doesn't measure, she cooks with feel and love. I found myself getting more and more frustrated with the time it took for me to get the flavor right, one little slip-up and it could ruin the entire pot...

Then something really bad happened: .... (continued below)
Solving the Problem
I couldn't find a few of the ingredients needed essential for the dish, which meant I couldn't truly reproduce the stew at the level I wanted. As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of capturing the flavor of my grandmother's Crab Chilau.
Then I decided that if I carefully studied every single ingredient in her recipe I could craft a master spice blend and sauce to consistently capture that flavor in one step.

At that point, everything changed!
I finally figured out how to:
  • Identify the key ingredients that imparted the most flavor and depth
  • Concentrate the flavor allowing it to be used as a flavor base for other recipes
  • Source all natural and clean ingredients to make it healthy and delicious
Chilau Seafood Sauce - Original
The Solution
After mastering the concentrated recipe, I was able to:
  • Make my grand mothers crab chilau as if she was in the kitchen with me and in around 20 minutes instead of hours
  • Use the sauce as a flavor base to marinate seafood, chicken, pork and make dishes like shrimp'n grits, gumbo and seafood bisque
  • Make bold home cooked meals quickly and more often
Now I'm living my dream of cooking outstanding food and I never have to worry about the hours of preparation or the guessing game of seasoning  ever again!
And that's why I'm so passionate about sharing the flavor of "Chilau Sauce" so you can experience the ease of cooking delicious meals in 20 minutes or less!
"...Made this last night, it was phenomenal"
"... omggggggg when I tell you my mouth was singing"
"...Those reactions are real... it had me dancing too"
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